Some Doctor/Rose Fics

A Beautiful Disaster (in progress)
An AU look at Human Nature/Family of Blood with a season 1 twist. Inspired by "Catalyst," by Anna Nalick.

It features Rose/9, Jack Harkness

A/N: Nothing you recognize belongs to me!

( Chapter One ) ( Chapter Two ) ( Chapter Three ) ( Chapter Four ) ( Chapter Five )Chapter Six )

The Long and Winding Road (in progress)
An AU retelling of season 4, beginning with The Last of the Time Lords from season 3. First story in the All Roads Lead Home series.

10/Rose, Martha, Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, the Master, River Song, Sarah Jane Smith, and many more.

(Earlier Entries) Chapter Twenty )Twenty-One ) Chapter Twenty-Two ) Chapter Twenty-Three ) Chapter Twenty-Four ) Chapter Twenty-Five ) Chapter Twenty-Six )

Nothing you recognize  belongs to me!  Some Spoilers for Children of Earth in Torchwood!

Interlude: Torchwood )

We Do the Best We Can
(complete)So, just what happens to Rose and the Metacrisis Doctor after the Doctor and Donna leave them on Darlig Ulf Stranden with Jackie?  She's been trying to find him for ages, he's been through hell and high water.  Now they're back together, but she's grown up and he has nowhere to run. 

Rose/Doctor 10.5, Jackie/Pete, (ALT)Martha Jones, Jake Simmonds, (ALT)Toshiko Santo, and many more!

Chapter One: Coming Home )Chapter Two: Life is Never Boring )Chapter Three: Things Fall Apart )
Chapter Four: Fever Dreams )Chapter Five: Damned if You Do )Chapter Six: We Who Remain )

Sensible Shoes (complete)
A charity event ends with the Doctor and Rose off to investigate a spa!  Perhaps now they'll have a chance to enjoy their surroundings at least for a while before they run for their lives!

Doctor 10.5/Rose, Jackie/Pete, Alt!Martha, Alt!Tosh, and a cameo by Alt!Harriet Jones!

Chapter One: It's my Part )Chapter Two: Words Once Spoken )Chapter Three: Revelations )
Chapter Four: Not What it Seems )  Chapter Five: Seeing Double )

Dream a Little Dream (of Me) (in progress)
The mind is the most dangerous prison of all.  Rated M for disturbing imagery and sexual situations.

10.5/Rose, with Alt!Toshiko Santo, Alt!Martha Jones, and more.

Chapter One )Chapter Two )Chapter Three )Chapter Four )Chapter Five )

The Question

The Question
On a planet far far away, River finally gets some answers.
She gets more than she bargained for.

One Shot/Crack. For Abboz
Doctor Who - Rated: K+ - English -
Romance/Humor -
Words: 925
11th Doctor & River Song/Melody P. III
10th Doctor & Rose Tyler - Indirectly

Collapse )
dw; t/r; take my hand

Mod Post: Spoilers Update

Just a quick mod post to update on spoiler warnings. This is just to say that Season 4 is no longer considered spoilery.

However, anything beyond the latest season to air on the BBC will be considered a spoiler. This includes references to the 2008 Christmas Special, and anything else post-Season 4 (including the upcoming 2009 specials).

If any recommended fics refer to spoilers, PLEASE include Warnings: spoilers in your rec post.

Rose and Her Doctor

Ever/Was (R)

Ever/Was  is a compilation of stories (and a great video!) that is a "virtual season" set during and after the events of Season 4 Episode 13 (Journey's End). There are currently 5 episodes and an interlude triptych. I'll list each episode separately. I've been obsessed with post Journey's End stories and have read no small number of them. I was delighted to see some of my absolute favorites brought together and reconfigured in this collection to make a seamless whole. Most of the stories can also be found on Teaspoon in their pre-edited form.

Story: Coincidence Makes Sense Only With You by treblebeth, onlylyin, and ljg-fanfic [PG]
Summary: This is the story of the year Rose spent crossing universes.
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Rose, Jack, Donna, Mickey
Category: alternate universe, angst, character study, multi-part.
Warning:Collapse ), work in progress.

Reason for recommendation: This story is Episode 1 of Ever/Was. It ties up loose ends and provides the background and missing scenes for much of Season 4. There is a lot here about Rose and what she goes through to get back to her Doctor. The author does an excellent job of showing us a mature Rose who has to make difficult choices. The title is from the Björk song "Joga."

Story: To Find the Journey's End in Every Step of the Road by treblebeth, onlylyin, and ljg-fanfic [PG]
Summary: The continuing story of Rose crossing universes to get to her Doctor - and what happens when she succeeds.
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Rose, Jack, Donna, Mickey
Category: alternate universe, angst, character study, humor, romance, multi-part.
Warning:Collapse ), work in progress.

Reason for recommendation: This story is Episode 2 of Ever/Was. It contains brilliant missing scenes from  Season 4. As with the first episode, I highly recommend this story because it ties up loose ends and provides background and missing scenes for the end of Season 4.

Story: Same As It Ever Was by  onlylyin [PG]
Summary: Only the Doctor could leave her and stay with her forever in the same second.
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Rose, Jackie
Category: alternate universe, hurt/comfort, humor, romance, multi-part.
Warning:Collapse ), work in progress.

Reason for recommendation: This story is Episode 3 of Ever/Was.  It takes us slightly beyond the end of Collapse ) It is well written, with good characterizations and believable dialog. There's acknowledgment of the difficulty of their situation without getting bogged down in angst. In fact, there's just the right mix of hurt, hope and humor to make an excellent read. 

Story: His Days Like Crazy Paving by ljg-fanfic [R]
Summary: She thought of it as a holiday. A sabbatical. Seeing a bit of the world. Well, seeing a lot of the world in little bitty chaotic never-stay-in-one-place pieces. And it was wonderful. It was.
Characters/Pairing: Doctor/Rose
Category: alternate universe, hurt/comfort, humor, romance, multi-part.
Warning:Collapse ), work in progress (although it could also stand alone), R for some sexual content.

Reason for recommendation: This story is Episode 4 of Ever/Was. I've never read a better characterization of the Doctor than this. It is brilliant. Without having to get ever-so-explicit, the sex between the Doctor and Rose is hot. I love how in love they are. There are smatterings of angst but the after taste is yummy and funny.

Story: Interlude Triptych by ljg-fanfic [PG-13]
Summary: Three lovely panels from the lives of Rose and the Doctor.
Characters/Pairing: Doctor/Rose
Category: alternate universe, hurt/comfort, humor, romance, fluff,  multi-part.
Warning:Collapse ), work in progress.
Reason for recommendation: This little interlude follows on the heels of Episode 4 of Ever/Was. Good characterizations and witty dialog, with Rose and the Doctor finding their way together. This is a bit sweeter, lighter and fluffier than previous episodes.
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"A Man Who Wasn't There" {All-Ages}

Story: "A Man Who Wasn't There: An Alt!Series 2
Author: Coru (corusca)
Summary: The Doctor survives the Parting of the Ways and continues to adventure with Rose Tyler.
Characters/Pairings: Nine/Rose; the cast of Series 2
Categories: AU, Adventure, Multi-Chapter, Romance
Warnings: Work in Progress, a few vague references to Torchwood S2

Reason for recommendation: I've seen many attempts at re-writing a series, but they usually seem to fall flat. Characterizations often seem quite off, and the plots come off feeling unoriginal. The author, however, has succeeded in writing a alternate Series Two that proves not only to be brilliant and dynamic, but manages to enrich each of the original stories. Nine is not just a stand-in for Ten; he is himself and reacts to the various situations as Nine would. Storylines are changed to take into account the many differences in personality and behavior, and yet every episode is recognizable and wonderful.

Additionally, the author has added Tardisodes between each episode to fill in the missing scenes and quiet moments between adventures. At the moment, the season is only about a third done, but it is well worth reading now.

And if you prefer, you can also read it at the author's fic journal.
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"Path of Needles" {PG-13/Teen}

Story: "Path of Needles"
Author: tardis_stowaway
Summary: Once upon a time, she had abided in the world where lives did not begin with ‘once upon a time.’ No more. Rose walks through the woods. Meanwhile, the Doctor deals with an abundance of Bad Wolf references.
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose, Jack. Brief appearances by Pete, Jackie, Mickey, and Martha.
Categories: Multi-chapter, Reunion, A/U, Drama, Adventure, Fairy Tale, Romance.
Warnings: Spoilers through S3.

Reason for recommendation: One of the most remarkable and creative reunion stories I've ever read. tardis_stowaway deftly weaves together classic fairy tales and the mythology of Doctor Who with her own lovely characterizations. She just posted the apt and poignant epilogue yesterday, and I felt compelled to rhapsodize over how brilliant "The Path of Needles" is.

If you prefer, it can also be read at Teaspoon.

"Days Hence" (PG13/Teen)

Story: "Days Hence" (PG-13/Teen)

Author: SunkenStandard
Summary: For every Rose/Ten fan, there's an ever-after fic waiting to happen. This is mine. Post Journey's End, Rose and the Doctor in the days hence.
Characters/Pairings: Rose Tyler/ The Doctor (Duplicate 10th), Jackie Tyler, Jake Simmonds, Mickey Smith, Other Character(s), Pete Tyler
Categories: Post Journey's End, Angst, Drama, Fluff, General, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection, Mixed
Warnings: Spoiler's for Journey's End, some swearing, overall PG-13/Teen, WIP
Reason for recommendation: One of the best post-JE fics out there (and yes, I've read just about all of them). SunkenStandard has done a fantastic job portraying  the combination of Nine, Ten and Donna in the new Doctor. Her characterization of Rose and how her time in the alternate universe has changed her is excellent. The story has a wonderful balance of drama, angst, humor and romance and manages to do this without once straying into sappiness or over-the-top melodrama. It's currently at 24 chapters, but it's a fast and utterly enjoyable read, not to mention she updates very quickly!

"Chaos Theory in Vortex Orbits in Relative Dimensions in Time and Space" [PG13]

Story:   "Chaos Theory in Vortex Orbits in Relative Dimensions in Time and Space"  (PG-13)

And then there came a day when Rose said she was having a baby.  Hijinks ensue from there.
Characters/Pairing:  Ten/Rose, Jackie, OCs
CategoryAU, Romance, Pre/Post-Doomsday
WarningThere is some R material in a couple of chapters, overall it's PG-13.
Reason for recommendationBecause it's simply one of the best D/R "babyfic" out there and even if you normally don't care to read that genre, this is so worth reading.  Yes, it's AU, but the OCs are vividly brought to life.  This story is long (27 chapters total, plus the author is giving us little missing bits here and there that are part of "Chaos!verse") but it is a VERY good read from start to finish.  There is humor, romance, angst, conflict, and above all, love.  I hope the story never ends!

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Recommended: "Still Lost" (PG-13/R)

Story: Still Lost
Author: unfolded73
Summary: This fic was born out of the idea that being so close to Rose in "Partners in Crime" left some vague impression on the Doctor's brain. It then turned into a sprawling reunion!fic with dream sequences, trips to Cardiff, and Donna as the hero.
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose, Donna, Jack/Ianto, Gwen
Categories: AU, reunion, humor, angst
Warnings: mild slash, a little violence, a little sex
Spoilers: through 4x06, Torchwood 2x13

Reason for Recommendation: There's good reunion fic out there. There's really good reunion fic out there. But what had me eagerly and obsessively checking for updates on this one is just how well the writer nails Donna as a character and as the catalyst in getting the Doctor and Rose back together. She also knows her canon very well, as the third chapter's dream sequence will show. And now that it's finished, I also love how the author struck a balance between the fluff of reunion and an honest conclusion.