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quite_right_too's Journal

Doctor/Rose Fic Recs
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A community to post fanfiction recommendations for the Doctor/Rose 'ship.
Rose: I... I love you.
Doctor: Quite right, too.

Welcome to quite_right_too, a community for sharing Doctor Who fanfiction recommendations, specifically fics about the relationship between The Doctor and Rose Tyler. (Yes, this is a 'shipper community. If you don't like that, the door is that way.)

Rules & Guidelines:

  • No flaming/dissing of the 'ship: we're all adults and can have fun, right?

  • Recs only: this isn't a fic promotion/posting community or a requests comm - there are other comms available for that.

  • Discussion: of a particular fic is welcome however please keep it in the comments/replies to the particular entry where the story was originally recommended.

  • Multiple recs: are welcome! You can include more than one recommendation in a post, just remember to use the LJ-cut for any long posts or spoilers.

  • Correct posting format:
    Subject Line of entry: "Story Title" [Rating of story] (you must include a rating)
    Story: Title by Author's Name [Rating of the story]
    Summary: (summary provided by the author)
    Characters/Pairings: (characters and/or pairings that are in the fic - may be multiple values, eg ten/rose, jack)
    Categories: (categories the story falls into - may be multiple, eg drama, romance, post-doomsday, one-shot)
    Warnings: (warnings that apply to the story - may be multiple, eg work in progress, spoilers)

    Reason for recommendation: (why do you think this should be read?)

  • Tagging posts: Please don't tag your posts. The maintainers (sg1padawan and debs7) will be doing this.

  • Spoilers: should be labelled appropriately and LJ-cut. For the time being, anything beyond the latest season to air on the BBC (ie Season 4, Tennant's third season, starting with the episode "Partners in Crime") will be considered a spoiler.

More information on the community can be found in the Welcome post and also the FAQ post. Please read these posts before joining and posting.

Community Creator: sg1padawan
Community Maintainers: sg1padawan & debs7
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Questions? Comments? Contact sg1padawan @ sg1padawan[at]gmail[dot]com and debs7 @ debs7[at]livejournal[dot]com.

Thanks to: debs7 for coming up with the community name!