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Some Doctor/Rose Fics

A Beautiful Disaster (in progress)
An AU look at Human Nature/Family of Blood with a season 1 twist. Inspired by "Catalyst," by Anna Nalick.

It features Rose/9, Jack Harkness

A/N: Nothing you recognize belongs to me!

( Chapter One ) ( Chapter Two ) ( Chapter Three ) ( Chapter Four ) ( Chapter Five )Chapter Six )

The Long and Winding Road (in progress)
An AU retelling of season 4, beginning with The Last of the Time Lords from season 3. First story in the All Roads Lead Home series.

10/Rose, Martha, Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, the Master, River Song, Sarah Jane Smith, and many more.

(Earlier Entries) Chapter Twenty )Twenty-One ) Chapter Twenty-Two ) Chapter Twenty-Three ) Chapter Twenty-Four ) Chapter Twenty-Five ) Chapter Twenty-Six )

Nothing you recognize  belongs to me!  Some Spoilers for Children of Earth in Torchwood!

Interlude: Torchwood )

We Do the Best We Can
(complete)So, just what happens to Rose and the Metacrisis Doctor after the Doctor and Donna leave them on Darlig Ulf Stranden with Jackie?  She's been trying to find him for ages, he's been through hell and high water.  Now they're back together, but she's grown up and he has nowhere to run. 

Rose/Doctor 10.5, Jackie/Pete, (ALT)Martha Jones, Jake Simmonds, (ALT)Toshiko Santo, and many more!

Chapter One: Coming Home )Chapter Two: Life is Never Boring )Chapter Three: Things Fall Apart )
Chapter Four: Fever Dreams )Chapter Five: Damned if You Do )Chapter Six: We Who Remain )

Sensible Shoes (complete)
A charity event ends with the Doctor and Rose off to investigate a spa!  Perhaps now they'll have a chance to enjoy their surroundings at least for a while before they run for their lives!

Doctor 10.5/Rose, Jackie/Pete, Alt!Martha, Alt!Tosh, and a cameo by Alt!Harriet Jones!

Chapter One: It's my Part )Chapter Two: Words Once Spoken )Chapter Three: Revelations )
Chapter Four: Not What it Seems )  Chapter Five: Seeing Double )

Dream a Little Dream (of Me) (in progress)
The mind is the most dangerous prison of all.  Rated M for disturbing imagery and sexual situations.

10.5/Rose, with Alt!Toshiko Santo, Alt!Martha Jones, and more.

Chapter One )Chapter Two )Chapter Three )Chapter Four )Chapter Five )


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